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National Cyber Challenge

The 2019 Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge is a unique, world-wide table top exercise event that – for the 5th consecutive time – will be held in Switzerland in 2019. Its Hungarian “little brother” has been launched in 2017 – the National Cyber Challenge (“Nemzeti Kiberverseny”) that gives the opportunity to students from any Hungarian-speaking area to enter and play decision maker. But what exactly is the National Cyber Challenge? The students have been given different data snippets of an imaginary situation that includes several aspects of the decision makers’ fields – cyber, political and economic, but also the press. They have to decide what to take for granted, what to fact-check somehow and what to ignore – and based on these bits and pieces they have to come up with their own series of steps to contain, mitigate or solve the emerging crisis situation. This is the essence of a tabletop exercise; a fascinating idea – and what was even more fascinating was the way these young minds t…

National Cyber Challenge